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Exhibitions and Events


6. September of 2013. - Provost Major's Palace in Vác: first scientific conference about the sacred art of Hungarian Art Nouveau.

The festive program

Greeting the Schiffer House, one of the most beautiful secession art buildings in Budapest. The article informs us about the Saturday afternoon events, the performers and their backgrounds and illustration images of the villa-s interior. The attendance is free, everyone is welcome to watch the performances and celebrate with us.

On 26th May 2011, we toasted for the 90 years old artist, Gyula Keresztes. Covering the event, presenting the book "Marosvasarhely's Secessionist Buildings", also presenting a small part from the book and a few images of the Rado House where Ede Thoroczkay-Wiegand used to live, where he designed the Library and Mirror Hall furniture and coloured windows of the Kultúrpalota (Cultural Palace) and from where he departed to explore Transylvania.


"There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful."

William Morris

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The secession (Art Nouveau), having been revalued in the XXI century, due to the new importance of decorations, ornaments and pendants. Many readers sent us images and articles regarding secession from Marosvasarhely, Pozsony, Kaposvar, Budapest, Szabadka and so on. If you`d like to send us images or essays, we will be happy to post them, as this is really your magazine too.

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