In 2014 RANN organised an Art Nouveau Selfie contest. In 2015 the subject was Women in Art Nouveau . And this year, the subject is:

Art Nouveau Details

On the 10th of June 2016*, they will highlight Art Nouveau Details, and you are all invited to participate in this competition.

Send your best picture of an Art Nouveau detail before the 9th of June 2016 to , together with a caption including the name of the work, artist, place, date of the work as well as the copyright.

All received pictures matching the theme will be published on the 10th of June at the RANN Facebook-page and followers will be invited to ‘like’ the picture they find most beautiful. Followers will also have to guess to which Art Nouveau object/building each detail belongs.

(Poster by ©Serge Brison)

Three Awards will be given:

  • Audience Award, for the most liked picture (ending at 10th June 6pm)
  • Investigator Award, for the best guesser of the Art Nouveau Details’ origin
  • Jury’s Award, awarded by the RANN secretariat.

Get your cameras ready, shoot and follow the RANN Facebook-page to discover the winners!